Halloween Fun Times

Halloween has officially come and gone this year, and I think I can speak for us all that it was a good time and we all have a little bit of extra candy weight to work off, Kuma included.

Bob, Jen, Carolyn, Kuma and MacDuff at Petco Costume Contest
On Saturday, we dressed Kuma up in her Superman costume and took her to Petco for the pet costume contest with our neighbor Carolyn and her dog MacDuff. She didn’t win, but we had a good time. Check out the gallery for more pictures.

Kuma at the Halloween Party
On Sunday, we met up with the rest of Kuma’s neighborhood play group for a Halloween party near the tennis courts in our subdivision. Doggie ice cream was enjoyed by all (doggies) and many great pictures were taken, showing off the dogs and their awesome costumes. Click here for a gallery of pictures of the event.

All in all, a great Halloween weekend. Now time to hit the gym and sweat off those extra pounds of mini Twix and Snickers bars!

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving is so much fun and a great way to welcome Halloween. This year, we went over to Kenny and Krissy’s to carve the pumpkins. After running to Dierbergs to pick out some pumpkins (Note: Do not pick pumpkins during the last weekend, not much of a selection), we headed home. After about a couple hours of deseeding (slimy), transferring of patterns and carving them, here are the finished products. Now, try to guess who carved what.



Racquet Ball Weather

Now that it is Fall and it’s getting darker earlier, it is time to be playing racquetball! Yeah! Considering that I just picked up the sport last year, I’m excited to start again. I definitely still suck at the game, I just can’t seem to grasp the concept that the WALL WILL ALWAYS WIN! And also this whole flicking of the wrist thing, it is the total opposite of tennis. Sigh, you learn tennis and then have to unlearn it in order to play racquetball. Why me? Bob does enjoy playing against me though because he can beat me and proceeds to gloat about it. Really, Bob, you shouldn’t gloat, you will one day get your comeuppance.

1, 2, 3, 4 and…

Last night, Bob and I attended our first intermediate ballroom/latin combo class. It was not a pretty sight. During our beginning dance class, we both thought we were hotshots, doing our basic box steps, crossovers, promenades, etc. Hell, the basic steps did not even exist anymore in this class! I mean, COME ON, that’s ALL we knew how to do! I think from the moment we walked into the class, we knew we were in way over our heads. You saw women and men with dance shoes on (the men had heels on, you know, the little ones), notepads to write down the steps, even camcorders to record the class. After about two hours of turning, stepping, gliding and twinkling, I think we got two moves down. After all my griping, though, I had a great time. It’s really a fun class. Sure, we probably look like the most awkward couple, but, hey, as long as we’re having fun, who cares?

Springfield, Here We Come!

Bob, Jen, Freddie and Laura

This past weekend, Bob and I roadtripped down to Springfield, Missouri to visit our good friends, Freddie and Laura. We’ve been visiting them for the past few years and they are awesome to visit. As you can see from the picture, they are the physical opposite couple of Bob and me, which I think is hilarious! We spent the weekend eating, dancing, eating, playing dominoes and eating. Saturday night, we went to a costume ballroom dance. Let’s just say that the average age who attended this event was 50. Nevertheless, we had a great time. Because this was such a short notice idea (actually, Bob and I procrastinated) we had to come up with costumes quickly. Just to let everyone know, Bob was supposed to be an evil wood sorceror and I was his evil little fairy. Now, if anyone decides to visit Branson and you love lobster, go to Whipper-Snappers, it’s an all-you-can-eat lobster buffet. There are other things on the buffet but I can’t remember what was there, you are actually there to eat lobster (Bob finished off six of them while I lagged behind with only two). And of course, we had to go to Lambert’s, an all-you-can-eat homestyle restaurant. I’ve never been there and so it was fun for me to catch the rolls that the waiters tossed across the room. It was an experience. Yummy rolls! And hot to boot! Let’s just say, when Bob and I arrived back in the ‘Lou, we decided that we would never eat again. Full puppy bellies!

Here are pictures of us from this weekend.

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