Annual Subdivision Meeting

This is the second year that Bob and I have gone to the subdivision meeting. Last year, it was during a crucial Cardinals post-season game so Bob was definitely not so pleased with me but they did have it playing during the meeting which was cool. So, last night, there are about 20 people at this meeting (out of 144 households) and 4 of us were in the 30 and under category. I have never heard so much bitching and moaning in one room before! And of course, we spent most of the hour-and-a-half “discussing” the 11 households that did not pay for their assessments last year! I mean, these people were ready to march on these houses and burn them to the ground! They kept demanding names and addresses so they can proceed to harrass their neighbors for the rest of year. Geez, people! It’s only $30 more per person and when these people do pay their assessments + interest, then our assessments will go down the next year! Lordy! (The 30 and under category actually were the only ones that weren’t complaining, but instead had a couple of ideas/suggestions instead to improve the neighborhood like looking into a dog park, etc.) Another thing that bugged me about the people who attended last night was that they had so many complaints about how the trustees were running things but when it came time to nominate new trustees, not one who complained volunteered to take their places. Hmmmm, talk but no action! Sometimes, I really hate stupid people. After all this complaining on my part, you’re probably asking “Why do you put yourselves through this, then?” Well, it is so obvious: GOSSIP! What other reason is there?

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