Halloween Fun Times

Halloween has officially come and gone this year, and I think I can speak for us all that it was a good time and we all have a little bit of extra candy weight to work off, Kuma included.

Bob, Jen, Carolyn, Kuma and MacDuff at Petco Costume Contest
On Saturday, we dressed Kuma up in her Superman costume and took her to Petco for the pet costume contest with our neighbor Carolyn and her dog MacDuff. She didn’t win, but we had a good time. Check out the gallery for more pictures.

Kuma at the Halloween Party
On Sunday, we met up with the rest of Kuma’s neighborhood play group for a Halloween party near the tennis courts in our subdivision. Doggie ice cream was enjoyed by all (doggies) and many great pictures were taken, showing off the dogs and their awesome costumes. Click here for a gallery of pictures of the event.

All in all, a great Halloween weekend. Now time to hit the gym and sweat off those extra pounds of mini Twix and Snickers bars!

5 thoughts on “Halloween Fun Times

  1. When I read “Bob, where’s your head?” right away I thought she was talking about you guys going to the gym, not the picture.

  2. Okay, the dog in the farmer outfit….ADORABLE!! Kuma was very cute too. I will be at the gym next week, I had better see you there! I have some honeymoon, after honeymoon, and candy weight. I am really behind. Whoops.

  3. So, I take it that we are back on with the gym schedule, then? I’m going to try really hard to keep up with it. Hopefully, I won’t do something stupid like sprain my ankle again.

  4. It isn’t that bad to do. I will probably be there Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for sure and most Wednesdays if I am not working. I am bad about the weekends though. So 3-4 days a week. That’s nothing. Definitely much less intense than before the wedding. I just need to make my belly flat again and keep my limbs from getting any softer than they already have! Plus, we’ll be there together….always makes it easier!

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