Honey Sherron, 1990-2005

Honey Sherron

Honey Sherron of St. Charles, MO (Formerly of Florissant, Mo), died yesterday at the age of 15, which in dog years is 105. She had suffered from kidney and liver failure in recent years and went to sleep one last time in the care of her physician and my parents.

Honey was a great dog. In her younger years, she would enjoy playing frisbee, basketball, tug-of-war, and fetch with all manner of objects. She was always happy to see you and constantly begging for your affection. And pizza crusts.

One of my favorite memories of Honey was after my grandfather’s funeral. She was still just a puppy then, and the whole family had convened at our house to share stories and comfort one another. We were all standing in the kitchen around the food and someone had left a tray of deli meat a little too close to the edge. Honey, not a large dog by any stretch of the imagination, stood up on her hind legs and snagged a couple of slices of roast beef from the platter. Everyone thought that was quite amusing.

Honey is survived by her parents Larry and Pam Sherron, her human siblings, Kate, Bob and Jen Sherron and her dog-niece Kuma. Donations can be made to the Humane Society of Missouri in Honey’s name.

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  1. I know that recent research has illuminated a new method for counting dog years, but I wouldn’t want to confuse people too much, so I’m sticking to the 7 years for each human year formula.

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