Racquet Ball Weather

Now that it is Fall and it’s getting darker earlier, it is time to be playing racquetball! Yeah! Considering that I just picked up the sport last year, I’m excited to start again. I definitely still suck at the game, I just can’t seem to grasp the concept that the WALL WILL ALWAYS WIN! And also this whole flicking of the wrist thing, it is the total opposite of tennis. Sigh, you learn tennis and then have to unlearn it in order to play racquetball. Why me? Bob does enjoy playing against me though because he can beat me and proceeds to gloat about it. Really, Bob, you shouldn’t gloat, you will one day get your comeuppance.

3 thoughts on “Racquet Ball Weather

  1. I’m all over raquetball with you Jen. I don’t even have to unlearn tennis to play! Although I can’t imagine that I will be very good….I mean you’ve seen my play tennis. Raquet sports don’t seem to be to strong suit.

  2. That’s true, so I guess the real reason why he plays with me is so that he can feel better about himself and his racquetball skills.

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