Death Roll vs. Death Grip

Kala and Kuma

We are dogsitting this weekend for Krissy and Kenny while they are visiting their friends up in Chicago. Do not let the picture fool you, they may look like angels, but in reality, they are a pair of menaces when they get together. For anyone who has more than one pet will know that watching them play is way more fun than watching TV. Just a little background, Kuma is 60 pounds and stocky while Kala is about 30 pounds and dainty. When these two get together to play, they are all over the house. Kala will attack Kuma with the Death Grip, taking both of her paws and wrapping them around Kuma’s neck and then going for the jugular. In order for Kuma to escape, she will roll over Kala, hence the Death Roll. We have yet to figure out who’s going to win this battle.

I'm going to get you!

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5 thoughts on “Death Roll vs. Death Grip

  1. Yeah, thanks guys. That really helped us out and I’m glad it was entertaining for you as well. Kala looks really vicious in that picture!! And nice that you described her as the dainty little thing she is. Too bad there are no pictures of her prancing ;)

  2. It was our pleasure. She was on her best behavior while she was with us and they both had a great time together. Thanks again for the IKEA gift certificate, you know you really didn’t have to do that.

  3. Oooo … I bet that Molly would have an awesome! time with Kuma … 60 lbs of labrador energy vs. well, 60 lbs. of labrador energy.

    Maybe christmas? We’ll be around!

  4. What’s your time frame around Christmas then? We are actually going to Phoenix for a week, from Christmas Eve until New Year’s Eve. We will have to get together if we can!

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