Glazed and Confused

Jesse invited me to go down to Glazed and Confused tonight and it was really cool. Here’s the gist: you pick a piece of pottery, decide on what you want to paint, paint it and then pick up your finished product a week later. At first, I thought I would just look around and not buy anything, but I couldn’t resist. Now, I have a Christmas present for Bob so, SHHHH, it’s a secret. Price-wise, it wasn’t too bad, you pay a flat $10 for the “studio fee” and then pay for each piece of pottery that you want to paint on. So, you can buy as many pieces and paint them in one day and it’s still only $10 for the day. I will bring many friends to this new little find. Thank you Liz for owning such a cool place and thank you Jesse for bringing me there.

4 thoughts on “Glazed and Confused

  1. Ooo, ooo! I want to do it! Take me Jen, take me! [waves up-raised hand frantically, like a first grader who knows the answer, dammit.]

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