Harry and the Potters Bust Out the Wizard Rock

Harry and the Potters

Last night, Harry and the Potters swept into St. Louis on their Nimbus 2000’s and rocked Webster University’s Sunnen Student Center. Two brothers who look like Harry Potter (kind of, if you squint a little bit) and their friend from Gryffindor played uptempo power pop ditties with lyrics centered on events from the books.

With sentiments like “Voldemort hates it when you dance and have fun”, can you really go wrong? I think not. The place was rockin’, even if we were the oldest people there. In fact, I think we might have been the only people there who didn’t know the lyrics, as seemingly every young wizard and witch in the St. Louis area turned out to sing along to hits such as “I am a Wizard”, “Save Ginny Weasley” and “Cornelius Fudge is an Ass”. Perhaps the one benefit of being so damn old was that we got the Wyld Stallions reference with the slow air guitar windmilling during their finale.

While this all sounds hokey as hell to you jaded hipster assholes, rest assured these guys had so much fun up there the good vibes spread throught the room. While their schtick might wear thin on those who are not fans of the books and movies, the music is catchy and upbeat to the point where even Muggles could enjoy it.

Click here to view a picture gallery of Bob, Jen and Kim enjoying the Wizard Rock.

4 thoughts on “Harry and the Potters Bust Out the Wizard Rock

  1. Admittedly, I am an asshole, but I am not a jaded hipster and I still think you guys are huge dorks. I bet Krissy would love that band; she’s gets dorkier everytime we hang out with you guys. Just look at the shit she laughs at that Bob says. Anyway, if they have anything on Toy Box, I want in on that.

  2. I am standing next to a girl I work with, Kris, and her brother is in WYLD STALLYNS!!! His name is Steve and this Friday the 25th, he is playing at the Bottle Neck Blues bar with his band and David Lee Roth is opening for them!!! How crazy. If you are interested, you should check them out!

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