Home Alone

From Tuesday until Friday, Bob will be in Honolulu, soaking in the sun, playing on the beach, drinking Mai Tais out of Buddha glasses. Where will I be? Oh, that’s right, here in St. Louis, in 30 degree weather. Bob is being sent out there for a couple of days to work, so actually, he really won’t be able to enjoy Hawaii. Isn’t that cruel? To only be there for two days and not be able to have fun? So, what’s a girl to do without her husband for the week? That’s right! Shop! I’m in the market for new shoes, I’m thinking three or four new pairs will comfort my loneliness. And also dinners with some of my friends. Already on the agenda, Melting Pot for Tuesday. Can’t wait for that, Kim and Gretchen! And I’m in the process of making plans with Kit, who I haven’t talked to in forever. This is a fabulous time for me to exercise my independence. Yea!

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