Life Is So Random

I was just minding my own business today at work when this girl walks through the door. Since I didn’t recognize her as one of our clients and we weren’t expecting anyone in the office at that moment, I knew that she was a solicitor for something or another. She began her spiel and then stopped and said that I looked familiar. Of course, I had a look of confusion as my mind raced, trying to figure out if I was supposed to know her. She then asked my name and when I told her, she asked if I went to Parkway North. I confirmed and when she told me her name, I suddenly recognized her. We didn’t run in the same circles in high school but it was really cool to see someone that was in the same class as you. So we stood around and chatted for a couple of minutes about life and then, it gets even freakier. She told me that she lived off of Schuetz Road and so I told her where I lived. It ends up that she lives FOUR HOUSES DOWN FROM ME!!!!! Talk about craziness! This happened last year when Erin told me that she was helping her friend, Kara, move and she wanted to stop by the house. It ended up that Kara had moved into the same neighborhood but futher back! I tell you what, Mystery Hills is definitely living up to its name.

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One thought on “Life Is So Random

  1. Oh my god Jen! What the hell was her name? You tell this story and you know that there are people that went to Parkway that read this, but no name. For Christ’s sake, what was her name?

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