Out with the Girls

Tonight, I spent a wonderful evening at the Melting Pot with Kim and Gretchen, just gorging ourselves on the wonderful array of choices that was placed in front of us. For starters, we had the cheddar cheese fondue. My personal favorite is the fiesta cheese fondue, but what we had was second on my list so I was satisfied. Next, we all split an entree of chicken and vegetables with the hot oil. I’ve never had it with the oil so it was pretty cool. We would batter our vegetables and chicken and fry them in the fondue pot. Now, my favorite part came at the end: the chocolate fondue. We chose the Flaming Turtle (milk chocolate, caramel, pecans, then set on fire). Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to eat as much of the chocolate fondue as I had hoped for because of everything that I had eaten beforehand. Sigh. But Kim did say that she would pay me $1 if I ate a spoonful of the chocolate (she said that I could let it cool off, how thoughtful of her). As if I would turn down a spoonful of chocolate or $1. Pay up she did!

I tell you what, it was great catching up with both of them. I hadn’t seen Gretchen since her wedding and a lot has happened since then. We were able to swap mother-in-law horror stories. I know her pain and she knows mine, we are sisters in the trenches, battling a neverending war against our enemy. Poor Kim, I think we scared her away from marriage. Kim, I promise, it’s not as bad as it sounds, IT’S WORSE! Just kidding!

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2 thoughts on “Out with the Girls

  1. Flaming Turtle……yumm. Let’s make a date to go there with the boys after we get back. I get back Tues, and Kenny Wed. When are you guys getting back?? Are you surviving okay? Call me if you get bored!

  2. oooo … tell me mother-in-law horror stories! i actually don’t really have any to share … perhaps living 1200 miles away from your mother-in-law is a good prevention method for mother-in-law horror stories (though i did live with her for three months and it wasn’t that bad!)

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