Thanksgiving with the Hwang Family

Tonight, we spent Thanksgiving with my family Chinese style: hotpot and then some rounds of Mah Jong. For those of you who don’t know what hotpot is, it’s like fondue but without the pretentiousness. Basically, people gather around a pot of boiling broth and proceed to throw whatever they want to eat into the pot. Boiling water, chopsticks, an open flame, meats, vegetables and family time, what more do you need for Thanksgiving? Of course, we had to play Mah Jong with my mom. She enjoys the game and doesn’t play at all anymore. I had to write out a cheat sheet for Bob because the characters are all in Chinese. Don’t feel like he’s at a disadvantage because he can’t read Chinese, the man does just fine. After hanging out at my parents’ house for the past three-and-a-half years, I do have to say that I’m impressed that Bob can understand a lot more Chinese than I give him credit for. Sure, he can’t translate word for word, but he seems to understand the gist of what everyone is saying. What a great Chinese son-in-law! I’ve trained him well!

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