Thanksgiving with the Sherron Family

Last night, we had Thanksgiving dinner with Bob’s parents at their house. It was definitely a spread. We had all of the fixins’: turkey, sweet potatoes, corn, stuffing, you get the gist. Dinner began around 5:30 pm and I was sleepy by 6:30. But, there was no rest to be had. Michael, Bob’s little cousin, whipped out this game, Apples to Apples, Jr for us to play. Apparently, there is an adult version, which I’m thinking is more entertaining. But, like all adults who have to indulge the younger ones, we all played. We were able to cut out a little early because we had tickets to see Harry Potter at the IMAX! We had bought tickets earlier to see it with Krissy, Kenny and Katie. Here is Bob’s review on the movie.

Bob: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was pretty awesome. While the plot jumped around a bit (a consquence of stuffing a billion page book into 2.5 hrs of screen time), the action scenes were incredible and the confrontation with You-Know-Who was badass. I haven’t read the book, but was warned not to read it before seeing the movie, as there was so much left out. Jen filled in the troublesome gaps for me, and now, I believe, I will finally make some time to catch up on the Potter books.

A note on the IMAX at Ronnies: it was cool, yes, but I don’t think it was worth $3 more than the Megascreen down at Galaxy in the valley.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving with the Sherron Family

  1. I agree about it not being worth th extra $3. I think the megascreen is basically the same thing. And when you are being charged extra money for a clearer picture they could at least keep the screen clean! But all in all it was a GREAT movie!

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