The Dangers of Dodgeball

Due to the violent nature of dodgeball, both Kenny and Bob had to consult physicians after the JCC Dodgeball Tourney. Kenny decided to visit the ER late Sunday night and was diagnosed with a torn muscle, maybe even as serious as surgery down the road. Bob, on the other hand, waited until Monday morning to call our primary physician and he was diagnosed over the phone and perscribed a painkiller and muscle relaxant. I guess “in sickness and in health” meant playing nursemaid to my hubby last night, tonight and probably the rest of the week. Just the sight of a 6’5″ man lying on the floor, in too much pain to even fight off the dog’s affectionate harrassment made me chuckle. Is that mean of me? Hey, I need to get something out of it if I’m to wait on him hand and foot!

2 thoughts on “The Dangers of Dodgeball

  1. I’m bleeding internally as I write this. Hopefully, there will be no surgery, and everything will be fine in about a week. The good news from this whole injury is that I learned. I didn’t learn not to abuse my body or anything like that, but I learned you can drip blood internally into areas I never would have thought. Fun stuff.

  2. Just an update. It’s Friday the 26th and almost a week has passed since the dodgeball tournament. And Kenny is again in the ER. He has swelling and fresh bruises that have now spread into his leg. That’s not good news! And I called my boss to see if I could leave work. His answer. . . a big N-O. What kind of holiday spirit is that.

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