There’s No Place Like Home

Churchill and Milton

Tonight, Bob and I found a couple of surprises in our front yard, two black pugs named Milton and Churchill. Both had tags on them and so we tried calling the number but no luck. (There wasn’t even an answering machine! Who doesn’t have an answering machine? Geez!) We then decided to take a drive to see if anyone was home at the address listed. Nothing. The poor things. What amazed me was that they both stuck together which is so sweet. In the five minutes that we let them into our house, we realized one will always follow the other. Churchill, the one with the white paws, is more shy than Milton. Milton is definitely not shy, he was the one who came right up to us and Churchill followed. As long as we had Milton, we were able to get Churchill. Now, they are residing at our house and Kuma doesn’t know what to do with them. Does she play with them, pick them up in her mouth and carry them around like toys, or eat them? They stunk so bad that we gave them each a bath before they went to bed. I know that someone out there is missing his or her dogs because they look well-loved and well-fed (emphasis on well-fed). I have to say, these two are so ugly, they’re cute. And I’ve gotten used to the snorting and grunting, it’s too funny. So, if you know anyone who’s missing pugs, contact us.

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