City of Brotherly Love (And Christine)

Last night, Bob and I flew into Philadelphia to visit Christine for the weekend. Actually, Bob is going to a geek conference on Monday and we decided to make it a mini-vacation. Kuma is taken care of, Kate is watching her. Not only does she get to stay in a familiar environment and won’t feel unloved, Kate gets to get away from the parents and soak up the Cartoon Network and veg out in peace with no nagging and constant questioning. The best for all parties involved. We flew out on American Connection (small plane, you feel every, I mean EVERY, bit of turbulence) and we arrived half-an-hour early. While we were waiting for Christine to pick us up, I got to see some guy get arrested at the airport. There were about 6 or 7 uniformed officers walking toward me in a semi-circle and in the middle of the pack, 3 or 4 street dressed cops, escorting a guy in handcuffs. So, I wonder what the guy did. Drugs? Terrorism? Smuggling? Assault? Poor fashion sense? Who knows? What excitement on my first night here.

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