Food, Fun & Friends

It has been a great weekend due to the fact that Kristy came into town. We got to show her a little of our lives. (Once I think about it, she must have been bored out of her mind then! :-) ) Friday night, we met up with Bob, Andrew and Brandon at the Pink Galleon to shoot some stick.

Jen & Kristy

Kristy claimed that she didn’t know how to shoot pool but the picture below shows otherwise!

Kristy shooting pool

Look at that form, her body position, she was totally hustling me! After gorging ourselves on Indian food at Priyaa, we took her to see Rent on Saturday. Yes, I bawled again. You would think that there would be less sobbing the second time, but no, couldn’t help it. Because Kristy is such a kind and absolutely sweet person, she wanted to buy us dinner to say thanks! Like she needs to thank us for staying at our house! We are grateful that she even wanted to spend time with us. So, Las Palmas we went! Of course, we had to take her for the best bread pudding ever: Cyrano’s! My God, THE best for bread pudding. Don’t know about the other desserts but I hear that they are wonderful as well. Other than that, we just hung out a lot, talked a lot and just enjoyed each other’s company. I can’t believe it’s been probably over two years since we last saw each other; life just gets in the way! I say, we need a 355 reunion!

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  1. And lets not forget that I think I beat Bob the majority of the games we played. Of course, we went through some pitchers so I can’t be sure of that.

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