Holiday Parties, Part II

This has been a holiday party weekend. Last night we went over to Bob’s parents for their party. I’m always slightly uncomfortable at these events because they are Bob’s parents’ friends and they all remember my name while I can’t seem to put names to faces. I only see these people once a year and I can recognize them, but no names yet. The best part of the party (besides all the wonderful desserts) was that a whole bunch of the twenty-somethings gathered downstairs and played Dominoes. It was so funny because you have the adults upstairs boozing it up while the “kids” were playing Dominoes. Every once in a while, someone would come downstairs to see what we were doing and report back to the rest of the clan. We would be playing and snippets of their conversation would drift down the stairs.

“…and then you play double elevens…”

“…no, you have to draw a domino and see if you can play it…”

“…anyone can play on the Mexican train…”

It seemed that they found it amusing that we were playing. It’s not a typical game for people our age to play. But it’s so much fun! We are all addicted, and the fever is spreading.

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