Holiday Parties

Today has been a day of holiday parties for work. The first one began at noon at the St. Louis Club, a ritzy Members Only establishment. This luncheon was held by my company and it was very formal and proper. You know when gentlemen are required to wear suitcoats and ties and women in slack/dresses, it’s serious business. So, I made Bob dig out his one and only suit, which he wore to work and was sufficiently ridiculed for it. But we were not disappointed with the food: mock turtle soup, caesar salad, filet mignon with garlic mashed potatoes, squash and mixed vegetable, finished off with vanilla ice cream and candied pears. Very delicious. The company was also great. I was able to catch up with the wives, who we only see once a year and these are a group of funny women. The men talked business for two hours while the women gossipped. It cracks me up to see older women gossip like teenagers. I guess you’ll never outgrow it.

On to the next holiday party with Bob’s work. Much different atmosphere! There were no people wearing suits, no mimosas, no wine, no formal dinner. Instead, there was finger food, Christmas cookies, beer and billiards. It was a much more relaxed environment, I felt like I didn’t have to be on my best behavior. Loved the food there and there was even a contest on who brought the best dish: Mark’s eggrolls won! I’m going to have get his recipe. And plus, I got to hang out with Krissy, who I haven’t seen in forever! Just having her there made the party better. After meeting all these people, I can definitely see how Bob fits in. I think it’s great that Bob and I are in such opposite work cultures: we get to experience a little of everything.

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  1. I feel so special!! Thank you. That compliment made my day :) I was happy to have such great company as well. And I’d say we topped off a great evening with some new, much needed shoes. And a really bad horror movie!

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