On My Own in Philly

Today, Christine went back to work and Bob attended his conference, so where did that leave me? That’s right, the girl who gets lost in Clayton (where she works five days a week), got to wander around Philadelphia, unsupervised! And by writing this post, it means that I made it back to Christine’s apartment after my walking adventure this afternoon. Because Bob has this weird thing where he can’t stand mummies, weird creepy medical stuff and whatnot (it gives him the gibbly-wibblys), I saved the Mutter Museum for myself. The Mutter Museum houses thousands of medical specimans in jars, wax mold, etc. It displays many of the abnormalities/diseases that can happen to the human body. It was so cool! I’m so glad that I went! I knew if Bob had gone with me, he would have gone through the entire museum with his eyes closed. Afterwards, I got a hotdog from a vendor cart and walked 12 blocks back to the apartment. I love a city where you can practically walk anywhere!

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7 thoughts on “On My Own in Philly

  1. How could you pass up a hotdog from a cart?!? That’s when they’re the best. We should head up to Classic Red Hots for some dogs some time. They only serve the best, Vienna Beef :)

  2. Think about how nasty everything we eat is. If you really think about it, everything is down right gross. Hamburgers, pasturized products, preservatives. Amazing that we all don’t just fall down and die. Might as well enjoy a hot dog on the way down.

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