Phoenix: Day 3

Today on the itinerary was: shop, shop, shop! We took a day trip up to Anthem to shop at the outlet mall there and totally scored. Bob snagged a very nice pair of Oakley sunglasses (unfortunately, not on sale, nor outlet mall priced) and clothes. He was not able to find anything that he was willing to buy at the Nike store, but he was happy with the rest of his purchases. I cleaned up at Ann Taylor. I had no idea that there was an outlet for that and it was wonderful. Afterwards, we met back up with Bill and Bob’s dad and went out to dinner at Desert Jade, a chinese restaurant, where we feasted on a three course meal. We were able to meet Bill and Carol’s “adoptive parents,” who are so adorable with each other. Next week, they’ll be celebrating their 64th anniversary! Now, that’s love! They were the ones who suggested the restaurant. And I gave it my stamp of approval. Of course, afterwards, we had to finish the night with another domino tournament, which lasted until 1 in the morning. Tomorrow, Grand Canyon.

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2 thoughts on “Phoenix: Day 3

  1. Dominos!? I didn’t know people still played dominos. I don’t know if I even remember how to play dominos. Crazy. Bob, I guess you arent up for poker tonight?

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