Rent, the Movie

I’ve seen the musical at the Fox three times, I know what happens, I prepare myself for it. Yet, it happens everytime, the eyes begin to well up with tears and I proceed to bawl my eyes out during the entire second act. It is no different with the movie, except I began to cry during the opening scene. I will still favor the show on stage but they did a fine job adapting it for film. Certain things were emphasized more than others, some things were left out, good film, nonetheless. Although, Bob, Kate and I were sobbing, we couldn’t compare to some lady sitting about four or five rows in front of us; the woman was crying so loud that she was louder than the surround sound. Poor woman, I hope that wasn’t the first time she had ever seen Rent.

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3 thoughts on “Rent, the Movie

  1. Damn it! I want to see this movie but none of my friends are gay enough to go along. I should have figured Bob though, you know, being married and all. Did you say Bob was sobbing?

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