Clean Slate…Sort Of

It is the start of the new year. Time to look back to see how 2005 treated us. The good, the bad and the ugly of it all. There are so many ideas and goals I would like to achieve in 2006 and since it’s the fourth day of the new year, I’ve already failed. Geez. I tell you, it’s hard to get back into normality when all of December was spent galavanting around. Bob and I probably spent more time eating out for dinner and hanging out with friends than at home during that time. So, coming home after a long needed vacation and finding your house looking like a crack den doesn’t really help ring in the new year. Finally, last night, we went grocery shopping and now our fridge is full of food, therefore no excuses for fast food. Next, folding of laundry. Currently, all of our clean clothes are piled up on the futon ready to be folded and put in their proper places. After that, cleaning the entire house. The list of tasks and errands are endless (and that’s just to get our boring lives back up and running). I haven’t even gotten to what my resolutions are. Bob, are you sure we can’t go on vacation again?

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