Pride & Prejudice

Last night, Kim and I went to see Pride and Prejudice and let me tell you, loved it! I’m a total sucker for romance. At first, I was hesitant to see it because I thought I would be bored with it due to not understanding the language. I remember reading it in high school and going, “What the hell did she say?” It was probably my impatience to comprehend it. But during the movie, I was able to understand and even laugh at appropriate times! I guess being eight years older helps. And listening to a man with a British accent deliver some of the most romantic lines made me swoon. Now, Kim is going to make me see the version with Colin Firth in it (she thinks he the best Mr. Darcy). 7 hours of Colin Firth or 2 hours with this “new” Mr. Darcy? I don’t know…I’m really liking the latest Darcy. I guess I can’t be a fair judge unless I examine both.

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One thought on “Pride & Prejudice

  1. Nothing in the world is better than 7 hours of Colin Firth. He will bewitch you, body & soul.

    Click the link I used to see the famous “wet, white shirt” scene from P&P.

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