Spencer and Deanna Get Married!

Our friends Spencer Markowski and Deanna Cash got married yesterday at the Royal Orleans in South County.

Spencer and Deanna

The wedding was held at noon, with the reception immediately following in the banquet room next door. The ceremony was a quick, non-denominational affair with a friend of their family officiating. My favorite part of the sermon was when he said that the wife should be “meek and supportive of her husband.” Jen and Krissy both got a kick out of that.

The toasts were sweet and entertaining and the food was delicious, if not overly complicated. Maybe the coolest thing about the reception (besides the open bar that gave out pitchers of beer) was the “silverware” — it was actually plastic, BUT IT LOOKED SO REAL!

Here are some more pictures for y’all to enjoy.

Kenny and Krissy

Bob and Jen

Maid of Honor's Toast

Best Man's Toast

6 thoughts on “Spencer and Deanna Get Married!

  1. I’m famous because I’m on crackerandcheese.com. I feel like a celebrity… the chevrolet kind. We used to have a giant blue celebrity station wagon when I was younger. It had a pull up seat in the back that faced out the rear window, which I found was the best place to be on family vacations. Krissy looks high. You can turn that level into a fun experience. I tried that level 12 times straight before I got it. If you kill it two more will pop up in it’s place.

    The point is… is that your twin brother?

  2. I’m pretty sure that was before the beer or at least before pitchers 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Oh well. Can’t look good in them all.

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