Worthless Weekend

We did absolutely nothing this weekend, it was great! Well, I take that back, we did go see David Alan Grier perform at the Touhill on Friday with Kim. That was good times. As he was performing, all I could think about was him in Jumunji, being harrassed by the monkeys. They guy before him, Kjell, was okay, but there were a couple of moments where you could hear crickets. But other than that, nothing. Do you want to know the reason? CSI: Season 5. That is what happened to us. We bought it on Saturday and from the moment we got home, we didn’t move. Even the dog slept on her bed for most of the weekend. God, we were lazy. Now it’s the new week, I must resist the CSI, I don’t know if I have the willpower. I only have three more discs to watch!

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