A Little OCD

Everyone has a routine, whether it’s to turn off the lights before going to bed, taking a potty break at 10:15 in the morning, eating a snack at 2:30 pm. Everyone has at least something. And you know if you don’t go through your routine, your whole day is ruined. One of my things is that every morning, in my sleepy voice, I will ask Bob if he fed the dog. And he will reply, “Of course, I did!” in that I-can’t-believe-you-would-think-that-I-wouldn’t voice. Well, you never know. You know that the one day that I don’t ask, I will come home to find Kuma gnawing off the leg of a chair for sustenance. So, this morning, I’m thrown off my routine because Bob left early for work and wasn’t around when I woke up. So, I had to call him to make sure that he fed the dog and therefore, am able to start my day off right. Because I’m putting the dog before my well-being, does that mean that I’m gearing up for kids? CRAP!

Correction: Jen DID ask me this morning, she was just too sleepy to remember. A true creature of habit, my Jennifer. –Bob

4 thoughts on “A Little OCD

  1. You think you leave out the word “bit” and you don’t owe me a licensing fee for using my blog title? Lame.

  2. Last saturday, Jason was at home depot and he came home and commented about how cute it was that he saw these little boys in the hardware store following their dads around. Yesterday, he had a team building activity with work at an indoor rock gym. He came home and told me how there were a bunch of kids there climbing. Then, he hits me with “I think i’m ready to be a dad. Any time. Just let me know.”


  3. Holy crap! A guy that willingly says that he wants to be a dad? Mommy and Daddy Getz has a nice ring to it!

  4. Whoa, whoa, WHOA! Let’s not get carried away here, Jen. Mommy and Daddy Getz may have a nice ring to it, but not for a few more years. Jason is just going to have put his daddy desire on hold for a little while. I’m too damn busy for babies right now!!

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