But she’s got such soulful eyes!

Reasons why Bob and I should not adopt another dog:

1) Size does matter. You can say that we could adopt a smaller dog, but Bob and I like big dogs. Only 1100 square feet of livable space. There is already too much crap in this environment to move around in for two people and two 60+ pound dogs.

2) No yard. Kuma has taken to running the streets because of the lack of a yard. It’s hard enough to keep track of her, let alone two of them.

3) Inability to vacuum. We are poorly skilled in the art of housecleaning. With Kuma’s shedding and Bob losing his hair, we can’t keep up.

4) Sharing. Kuma is not prone to sharing. What is hers is hers. What is yours, is also hers.

5) Laziness. Do you know how hard it is to find a dog that is just as lazy as we are? We absolutely lucked out with Kuma. We’re just too lazy to find another lazy dog.

6) Two too many. It took a while for my parents to get used to Kuma. Now they adore her and are willing to dog-sit. We can only let them adjust to one pet at a time or else they will short-circuit.

7) The logical next step. People say that once you adopt your first dog, you begin “nesting.” If we adopt another “fur baby,” they will expect a non-fur baby in about 9 months. NOT HAPPENIN’!

8) Kuma needs her space. Kuma loves playing with other dogs but at the end of the day, she knows that she will be coming home to us and only us. No other dogs and she prefers it that way. Refer to #4.

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4 thoughts on “But she’s got such soulful eyes!

  1. Kenny is still very upset with me about the dog situation. I said I may not be ready to get another one regardless of the fact that we looked at them all day. That didn’t go well. . . I might be sleeping in Kuma’s bed at your house for a while if she’ll have me, cause at this point, he’s not having any of me :(

  2. You are more than welcome to share Kuma’s bed with her! She loves you! Even better, you can sleep in a grown-up bed in the extra bedroom with Kala!

  3. 1. Our home is approximately 1000 square feet (even less than 1100). We have a 78lb hound, a 65lb labrador, a 10lb cat, and currently another 65-70lb labrador (our foster). It’s surprisingly roomy.

    2. The no yard thing might be a slight problem, but there’s always the dog park. Or (this is even better) you could build a fence! Trust me, it will be a piece of cake. If we can do it in this fucking rocky as hell new england soil, you can surely do it in the fertile soil of the midwest.

    3. I too have an inability to vacuum. It’s a sickness, I swear. And jason, well, that’s just not his “cup of tea” (if you will). However, it kind of blends into the carpet for a remarkably long time … until I’m lying on the floor stretching after a run and I realize you really can’t see the carpet. I’m getting better though (at least I’m trying) and you will too! The extra dog will actually cause you to have a CLEANER house because the extra fur will just cause you to swing the vacuum over the floor a little more frequently.

    4. Casey had a problem with sharing when Molly first moved in, too. He got over it, though. Now he LOVES his little sister. It is way more fun to have another pup to play with than to have all your toys to yourself. Also, we have an argument everytime we have a new foster come into the house (we are on number 3). It really only takes a couple days for the dogs to all get comfortable with each other.

    5. All dogs are inherently lazy, as long as they get enough exercise. Also, there are definately breeds that are lazier than other. They don’t even need much exercise to be perfectly happy lying about all the time.

    6. The ‘rents should be just about adjusted by now. You’ve had Kuma for awhile. Time to let them adjust to dog #2.

    7. The next logical step, huh? That’s just a reach, I think. We have had Molly (our dog #2) for 2-1/2 years. Still no non-fur baby. Won’t be another non-fur baby for probably another 2-1/2 years or so. Of couse, that doesn’t stop the parents (especially J’s dad) from reminding us that there are no grandbabies yet, but that would happen whether or not there was a dog in the picture.

    8. She only prefers to come home to only you because she doesn’t know any other way (yet). Introduce her to her new doggie sibling and she will come home to the two of you and the other member of the family. If you were at the dog park playing with other dogs, they would both be worn out anyway, and would just come home and lay down on their respective beds. No problem.

    Also, you don’t have to adopt a puppy. There are plenty of rescue organizations abound with lots of great dogs looking for a forever home. You can get one that’s already house and crate trained and many of them already know basic commands because they have been in foster care. That way you avoid the whole waking-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-to-take-the-puppy-out thing and you don’t have to worry if you have to leave for several hours at a time. Also, you are giving a home to a dog who really needs and will be eternally grateful to you. And Kuma will have company while you are at work.

    So, there you go. That’s just another perspective …

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