Clash of the Titans

Dixie and Kuma

Name: Dixie
Sex: Female
Color: Tan
Breed: Bull Mastiff
Weight: 65-70 Pounds
Age: 6 Months
Signature Move: Booty Bulldozer

Meet Dixie. Awww, isn’t she sweet? Can you believe that when this puppy is only 6 MONTHS OLD? Right now she is short enough to walk under Kuma but not for long. Somehow, whenever Chris is dogsitting, these dogs end up over here at our house. She claims it is to give Kuma someone to play with, I think it is so that Bob and I will end up watching the dog while she sleeps and eat. Due to Dixie’s size, I was a little afraid that Kuma would not like the situation much, but after a couple of intimidating barks to let everyone know who’s boss (Kuma), I let her loose and it was doggie grunts, sniffs, playful growls and slobber for the rest of the day.

Death Roll Denied

Since Dixie is all braun and has no agility whatsoever, she has the Booty Bulldozer. This is where she turns her back onto Kuma and walks backwards to pin Kuma against the couch with her butt. As you watch this move in action, you can just hear the “beep, beep” of a truck backing up. From previous wrestling matches, Kuma has the Death Roll but unfortunately, that move did not phase Dixie one bit, as shown above. Total whiff.

Agility vs. Braun

So, to compensate for that, Kuma had utilized her speed and agility to gain the full advantage in tough situations. Whenever there was a pin, whether on the ground or against the couch, Kuma would just wiggle and run and poor Dixie couldn’t keep up. Running up and down the hall, Kuma would lap Dixie a couple of times, even leaping over her if she was in the way.

At the end of the day, both were just pooped out which means that it was another successful doggie play day at the Sherron household.


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2 thoughts on “Clash of the Titans

  1. FUN, FUN, FUN. I just love doggie playtime. Except when the extra doggie is your foster and she bites your kitty and he has to go to the vet for stitches. Then, no fun.

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