Five Pounds of Terror


Tonight, my sister decided to bring over Tallulah, this little bouncy, white ball of fluff (this dog’s name is bigger than she is). If dogs could be high maintenance and snobby, this one would be it. First of all, she came in wearing a coat with a faux fur collar. And no, the “princess” couldn’t just stay on the floor, she must be lying on the arm of the couch, on one of couch pillows or in my sister’s lap, perched high, so everyone can bow down to her. Can a dog stick her nose up in the air in disgust? The answer to that is: YES. She was even too good to eat poor Kuma’s dog treats. I have never met a prissier dog. Of course, I had to restrain Kuma or else she would have probably put Tallulah in her mouth and tried to squeak her. I quickly gave up and let Kuma have at her. Don’t worry, Tallulah left the house whole, albeit with little bits of fur missing and probably slightly traumatized, and Kuma had a great time!

Cotton Candy
“You look like cotton candy. Yummy in my tummy!”

Kuma pouting over the fact that she has never been allowed on the couch.

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