FPC Basket Auction

Saturday night, Bob and I attended the annual spaghetti dinner and basket auction at his parents’ church. It’s a pretty fun event. All the proceeds from the dinner and auction goes toward the youth group for their mission trip in the summer. Since Bob was a part of that during high school and had a blast on these trips, he is now giving back to them. I’ve bid on baskets every year and had never won, until this year! And not only that, but I got two baskets! I only spent $75 all together on the baskets so I came out pretty good. One basket said it was Victoria Secret products and it ended up being just some slippers and stinky perfume. The rest of the stuff in the basket were NOT Victoria Secrect merchandise (false advertising), but I did get $20 for the Pasta House, which means lunch with Donna for free. The second basket had free tickets to the Missouri Botanical Garden which we are excited about. It also had a Birds of North America book, some bird calendar, bird playing cards and a decorative birdcage. We gave all of that to Bob’s parents. Not our style. Plus the spaghetti was excellent.

The only downside was that some of Bob’s friends from the youth group were there, WITH THEIR BABIES! Felt some slight pressure there, not that anybody said anything to us directly. Bob’s mom would bring over each of the new babies to us and want us to fawn over them. Subtle hint, huh? Yeah, right. We are at a point in our lives where we fawn over puppies, not babies.

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