Gone in 30 Seconds

Totally had a crisis one hour before quittin’ time, naturally. I thought me and computers had a mutual respect for each other, it won’t mess with any of my information and I won’t throw it out the window. Everyone benefits. So, crisis in a nutshell: my computer decides to mess with this beautiful balance and FUCK UP THE FINANCIALS ON MY COMPANY! Years of financials, scrambled around! Nope, it doesn’t want to delete a couple of sentences from a Word document or lock up when I’m on a website or even mess up my mail merge. It went for the mother lode! I swear, I about had a heart attack at that precise moment. After freaking out for about forty-five minutes on the phone with this support guy trying to get him to understand that everything was wrong and I wanted him to fix it NOW, I gave up and called Martin. All I have to say is that I love Martin! He’s our computer guy at Computer Consultants and just that afternoon, he had backed up all that information before he installed Quicken 2006. So, when all of our data went screwy, I called him up and he restored it back to what it was before the bastard at the bank messed with it (I was trying to connect our financial software online with our bank). Lesson learned: I will not hesitate now to beat you to a bloody pulp, you damn computer!

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