Ice Cream Helps

Tonight, Kim and I decided that ice cream, Penn Station and Gilmore Girls would help her take her mind off of some family matters, so I was I was ready to go. Usually, we would go to Coldstone Creamery but for some reason, she had a hankerin’ for Baskin Robbins, which is still tasty. I tell you, ice cream really does make people feel better. So, Kim, if you need some more moral support and a friend for ice cream, I’m you’re woman.

4 thoughts on “Ice Cream Helps

  1. No, Jen. We usually go to MAGGIE MOO’S. We’ve only been to Coldstone that one time when we were singing all the Disney songs in the car. Remember? Remember the singing?

  2. Maggie Moos’ is gone? Did Coldstone put them out of business. I prefer Coldstone now I must say. They just have better mixins’

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