Form and Function

This past weekend, Bob and I made a very grown-up purchase: a new stove! Now, who’s excited? We are! Okay, so there was nothing wrong with our old stove except for the fact that it was old and fugly and I really wanted a shiny, black flattop one. So, we went to Krissy and purchased the stove from her. The price was right due to a slight dent on the right side, but really, who’s going to see that anyways? It was her first sale at her new location and our first stove purchase. Let’s celebrate, it was a momentous occasion for all parties involved. Now, does this mean that we’re going to bake and cook more? Yeah, I don’t think so. Who wants an old stove, it still works! It’s free! Any takers? Anyone?

3 thoughts on “Form and Function

  1. Thanks again for my first sale in my new office!! It was actually the first appliance sale for the whole new division :) I still have the tag on my desk, I’m thinking of framing it ;)

  2. WTF!??!? I help take the old one out and install the new one myself while Bob watches, and I get no credit. You guys suck!

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