Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day, Bob surprised me by taking me to this new Italian restaurant, Trattoria Brannica, down by Frontenac for dinner last. He had made the reservations two weeks ago and would not tell me anything about it, type of food, area where it was located, nothing. He knew that I would somehow find out if he gave me any sort of clue. Mum was the word. So, for two weeks, I would sporadically shout out restaurant names, with no luck. Finally, I found out last night. It was a wonderful, romantic atmosphere. The clientele were slightly older than us (average age of 60) but it didn’t phase us one bit. Bob ordered the veal chop while I had the filet. Delicious. An hour later, we ended up at home in our PJs, watching the Olympics. A perfect evening. And of course, my usual 1 pound of chocolate covered strawberries were there for dessert.

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