BBQ with Krissy and Kenny

Due to the wonderful weather last week, it prompted Krissy and Kenny to barbeque. We contributed brats because they were left over from Superbowl and brought over the rest of the tortilla chips. I think we kind of went over the top with the food with only five people: brats, slab of ribs, steaks, summer sausage, vegetable tray, cheesy potatoes, hot wing dip (courtesy of Kim) and various other junk food. No one burned their eyebrows off during the cooking so it was a success.

One thought on “BBQ with Krissy and Kenny

  1. wish would could have come too! did i tell you that i am going to be in st. louis in less than four weeks (sadly, sans hubby)? i’m running the stl 1/2 marathon. i’m flying in late thursday night and leaving monday …

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