Emerged From Hibernation

It’s amazing the amount of people you meet in the neighborhood when you have a dog. When we adopted Kuma two years ago, we met Caroline and Meg, with their babies, McDuff and Gigi and we only had Kuma for one full day (and going on about two hours of sleep). Ever since then, our doggie play group has grown. One of the biggest things that sucks about winter is that Bob, Kuma and me WILL NOT walk when it’s below 50 degrees. Kuma refuses, she will resist. Even when you say the magic word (WALK), she’ll look at you like you’re crazy and proceeds to go to bed. That means no seeing any of our neighbors for about 2-3 months out of the year. Now that spring has arrived, Kuma and I took a stroll around and guess who we ran into? Three of Kuma’s friends: McDuff, Savannah and Playboy! Yeah! She had a great time on her walk today and I’m sure she’ll be looking for more of these in the future now. If only I could teach her to bring me her leash…

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