Gretchen is Going to be a Mommy!

I figured it’s been long enough for Gretchen to tell all the people that she knew that she is pregnant. Now it’s my turn to tell everyone that I know that my friend is pregnant with a little girl! I went out tonight with her and Kim (the last time I saw Gretchen was three months ago when she told me that she was pregnant) to watch Failure to Launch. I thought it was a cute movie, there were some random scenes that made me go, “What the hell is going on?” but overall, cute. After the movie, I was elected to drive to Friday’s and was kindly reminded that if we got into a car accident, I would not only be killing Gretchen, but a child as well. Needless to say, I drove VERY CAREFULLY. Thankfully, there weren’t really that many turns so I didn’t jostle my passengers too much. I’m thinking in the future not to drive anyone who is either carrying a child or have a child in the car with me. It’s bad enough that Bob holds onto the Jesus handle and silently prays, but he’s a big guy, he can handle it. I’m not too sure about anyone else.

Congratulations Gretchen and Frank! You are going to be wonderful parents!

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