Happy Birthday to Bob’s Parents

Last night we took Bob’s parents out to dinner and dessert to celebrate their birthdays (their birthdays are only a few days apart). We thought we would all try something new so, to the Entertainment Book! We flipped through the front part and finally decided on Mango, a Peruvian restaurant. Sounded yummy. Now, Bob’s parents are okay with trying something new but they would never think of it themselves. So, when we told them about this restaurant, they did some research on the the web and read a couple of reviews about it. I’m thinking that they were a little nervous about the whole situation.

Mango is located in this strip mall that never ends in Shrewsbury. Once you walked into the restaurant, you didn’t feel like you were in a strip mall. The inside was modern with warm colors, splashes of South American decor. The woman who waited on us was wonderful, friendly, happy, smiling. The food was great! I got the mahi-mahi with some sort of mango bourban sauce. The sauce was a little strong but when you mixed the rice in it, it mellowed the sauce out. And it even had chunks of mango, mmmm. Bob got the pork special and that was good also. I know he thoroughly enjoyed it.

After dinner, we all headed to Cyrano’s for dessert. Bob’s parents were so excited about it because it had been like 30 years. As we’re driving there, both of them were reminiscing about the Cleopatra, hoping that it’s still on the menu. Of course, Bob and I are focused on the bread pudding there, so we had never really looked at the menu. It blew them away when we got there because the decor looked similar to what they remembered it as when Cyrano’s was located on Clayton Road. And of course, the Cleopatra was still there and it was ordered by Bob’s mom. Bob’s dad ordered the World’s Fair Eclair, Bob had his usual bread pudding, but I thought I would be adventurous and try something new: Kahlua Torte. It was amazing, the only complaint was that I didn’t think they gave me the appropriate portion. Everyone else had this huge portion while I only received a tiny sliver. Tear!

Bob's Parents

Us at Cyrano's

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