March Matching Madness

To the future doctors of America, March is a very nerve-racking month. This is the month that students find out where they will be working/interning for the next four years of their lives.

I just want to congratulate Kristy and Carrie for their awesomeness. Kristy will be staying in Rochester while Carrie will be coming over to SLU. You have worked so hard for the last four years, it is now time to relax. Cherish these few moments of relaxation because after May, you get to look forward to 80 hours a week of work, 3 hours of sleep per night, difficult patients and family members and demanding hospital staff. No wonder many turn to the bottle to soothe away the pain.

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3 thoughts on “March Matching Madness

  1. Thanks Jen!! I’ll be in St. Louis all the time now…so no more excuses for only hanging out once every few months. Yeah, I’ll be working a lot, but you’ll have to drag me out to have a drink and I’ll tell you all my crazy patient stories.

  2. Speaking of March Madness and turning to the bottle to sooth away the pain … Can you believe that UConn fell to George Mason?!?! I mean … WHAT THE HELL?! That’s just not right.

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