Popped the Golf Course Cherry

After two summers of golf in Kirksville and almost four years of golf in St. Louis, I was finally able to play a real game on a real golf course! Holy crap! What initiated all of this is that Kenny has a bachelor party next week involving a golf game and he wanted to brush up. Up until now, I was only able to hit golf balls on the range and it was recently that I was allowed to use another club other than the 7 iron. So, today being a perfect day for it, Bob took Kenny and me up to Eagle Springs to play the Par 3 course (all 9 holes are Par 3’s). Who would have thought that you could have so much fun when you are absolutely terrible? For a scratch golfer (a pro), he/she should have a score of at least 27 or better. For someone who has played for a great number of years, please look at Bob’s score. For someone who’s a naturally gifted athlete that’s fairly new to the game, please look at Kenny’s score. For someone who is not afraid of making fool of herself and has no skill whatsoever, please look at my score.

Golf Scores

I look at it this way: I can’t get any worse. I can only improve from this point on. Golf is like crack! I’m so hooked! Actually the real reason why I’m lovin’ it is because I get pretty blue golf clubs and pink and lavendar golf balls! That’s enough for me!

3 thoughts on “Popped the Golf Course Cherry

  1. Oh please! No skill? Don’t throw yourself a pity party just yet! You are a hell of a golfer for just your first time out. Just think, with your raw talent and my golf teaching skillz, you’ll be shooting the lights out in no time.

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