Representin’ for whitey: Mah Jongg in full effect!

Mah Jongg (the gin rummy-like kind of game, as opposed to the tile matching bastardization that is so popular on the computer) is hella fun to play, but I’ve not always had the best luck with it. Some part of me blames the especially bad session I had a few months back on Jen’s illegible Chinese handwriting on my cheat sheet that is required so I can comprehend Chinese numbers. Last night however, it was a different story. Jen, her mom, her sister and I sat down for a rousing game of Mah Jongg at the Hwang household and I destroyed them, winning 5 games. It was incredible. The second game, I needed to draw only three tiles before going out. I was en fuego.

Now of course, next time we play, I’ll go o-fer but I will always have last night. Victory is mine!

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