Summer Has Arrived

Today was a GORGEOUS day! High: upper 70s. Sunny all day! Because it was so perfect, we called up Kenny to take the dogs on an outing to Creve Coeur Park. I guess we weren’t the only people with this brilliant idea. So, there we were, a pack of people walking a pack of dogs. All I know is that we received a lot of stares and smiles. The weather just put me in such a great mood that after walking the dogs for about an hour and a half (roughly 6 miles), Bob and I headed home to clean our house, we were that inspired.

But Bob learned his lesson later that night when he went to the bathroom and saw this in the mirror:

Cherry Tomato

It is the first sunburn of the season for him and it’s only March 10th! What am I going to do with him when summer comes around? Moral of the story: Sunblock is your friend.

To soothe his pain away, we picked up Kim and grabbed some Brown Cows at Fritz’s. Bob is very appalled that Kim is a Doozle’s fan and Kim is indifferent to Fritz’s. Must be a No-Co thang.

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6 thoughts on “Summer Has Arrived

  1. Okay, for one thing, I haven’t been to a Doozles in about 10 years–at least, if anything, I’m a TED DREWES fan (mmm, chocolate chip concrete). I do not know how you decided I was a Doozles fan. I went MAYBE twice with my mom because it was right next door to my podiatrist’s office and I needed a little comfort after my jerkface podiatrist had just spent 20 minutes cutting away parts of my foot and telling me I was a baby for saying it hurt!

  2. It was a great day! Too bad I spent the majority of it at work. Damn you ladies, now I want some ice cream, but not from Doozles.

  3. I was at work all day too, only to come home and be sick! But Kenny was sweet enough to get me some Coldstone. Yummy. Altough it’s no Fritz’s which is still one of my favorites!! (But the one in St. Peters, not Florissant)

  4. Kenny! You are so mean! I hate you now! You’re making me cry just like the podiatrist! It was not gross. You’re gross. *pout*

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