Three is a Crowd

Two nights ago, there was a huge thunderstorm (at least I think there was, I was sleeping during the event), big enough to scare our little puppy. We never let Kuma in bed with us, we don’t want all that dog hair all over the place. It’s bad enough that there is enough dog hair throughout the rest of the house to create a mini-Kuma, so we’re trying to keep certain areas fur-free. Well, about 5:00 in the morning, Kuma was terrified enough to jump into our bed and snuggle between the two of us. Fear of the storm overcame the fear of punishment in this case. Poor thing, so we let her sleep with us. And I thought Bob took up a lot of room in bed. When I woke up, I found myself flat against the wall, with only an inch of the comforter on me, while Bob was hanging onto the edge of the bed for dear life and right smack in the middle of us was Kuma, sprawled out, absolutely comfortable. We really do spoil our dog.

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One thought on “Three is a Crowd

  1. yeah, we usually have a dog (or two) in the bed. and occassionally a cat. i’ve completely given up on “fur-free” zones. it’s a pipe dream. molly doesn’t stay in the bed during the night. she’ll start out there, but then she’ll go somewhere she can spread out … but early morning, she comes back … she shakes her ears and i always relent and scoot over so she can snuggle in.

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