Up Close and Personal with Rent

Tonight, we went to go watch Rent at the Fox Theatre with Krissy and Kenny and it was just as wonderful as I remembered it. The only difference was that I felt like I was up on stage with the cast because THE PEOPLE SITTING NEXT TO ME WERE SINGING THE ENTIRE MUSICAL! I mean, they would sing together, he would sing the male parts, she the female parts. It was as if they had practiced before attending the performance. Who needed to hear and watch the cast 30 rows away when I had my own personal experience right next to me? Of course, all of this did not distract me enough not to cry at the pivotal moments (who’s kidding who, I cried at the non-pivotal moments also). Even Bob shed a couple of tears (I heard him sniffle).

Afterwards, we went down to Ted Drewes for my first Ted Drewes of the season. Mmmmm, the Fox Treat is THE way to go, people.

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