This Is How Much I Love My Husband

Bob had warned me that he would be working this weekend at the office and the only way that I would see him is if I went with him, which I did. I brought home a bunch of work from my office and worked side-by-side with him. It pretty much forced me to try and catch up on some stuff that has been sitting on my desk for weeks. So, in the end, it’s a good thing, Bob gets to work on his project due on Sunday, I get to play catch-up and we still spend time together. It’s sad, but I’ll take what I can get.

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Arbonne Party, Take II

Tonight was another Arbonne party held at Jessica’s. This time, it was makeovers because at the last party, we all decided that we wanted makeovers and Stephanie and Joanne, of course, complied. After my makeover (which, in my mind, looked weird because I never wear makeup), I had to buy the blush. This is my baby step toward actually caring about what I look like when I go out in public. Emphasis on BABY STEPS. Don’t worry, I won’t become too high maintenance, I’ll still go out grocery shopping in my PJ’s but I’ll at least have makeup on.

Heaven on Earth

So, I got this email at work today from Kim, stating that she wanted to go to Bailey’s Chocolate Bar. It seemed kind of out of the blue so I asked her if she had just now heard of this wonderful place and I couldn’t believe it that she just discovered it today online. Oh, it’s on! Of course we had to go now and so just like that we ended up there. Okay, I’m not a drinker because I lack this itty-bitty enzyme that helps digest the alcohol. But if I was, I would be all over their Signature Drink: an awesome alcoholic hot chocolate. I took a little sippy of Kim’s and was enough for me. Good thing I wasn’t driving. We also shared this lover’s plate for two and Kim fanagled some free chocolate ice cream because she had pointed out that we didn’t have the mousse. It’s a great atmosphere and I definitely recommend it to women worldwide!

Springfield Delight

This weekend, Jen and I traveled south to visit our friends Laura and Freddie in Springfield, MO. Our former neighbors welcomed us into their home and had a weekend of fun and sun in store for us.

Due to the aforementioned baby shower, Jen and I got on the road early Saturday morning rather than Friday night. We rolled into town around 11 and headed off to lunch at Maria’s for some fried tacos: Mmmmmm! Then we trekked downtown (yes, Springfield does have a downtown) to watch the Springfield Cardinals take on the Tulsa Drillers. A sunburn quickly ensued, and the Cards gave up a lead in a tough loss, but we certainly enjoyed ourselves.

That evening, we headed down to Branson to take in a quick hit at the outlet mall and the all you can eat lobster buffet at Whippersnapper’s. Again, I say: Mmmmmm! Finally, we retired to Casa Doyle for some hot domino action.

The next day, we awoke to Krispy Kremes, barbecue, and more dominos! Sunday night, we worked our way back home fat and happy after another great weekend with Laura and Freddie.

A Bash for Baby Strebeck

Friday night, Kim and I attended Gretchen’s baby shower. Now, this isn’t my first baby shower (it’s my second), and I’m still in shock that someone I am close to from college is going to be molding and shaping this new life that is growing inside of her. Wow! That just blows me away. All I know is that I will be perpetuating the cycle of lame jokes in the Sherron family (Bob’s dad, Bob, Kuma, eventually Baby Sherron). Just that thought makes me think twice about carrying on the Sherron genes.

I do have to give Kim and me props for our baby gift because it WAS NOT some cute PINK outfit. We decided to go the baby registry route and purchase some essentials that Gretchen would need: Baby Einstein DVDs, bottles, grooming kit and M&Ms. And it was all wrapped up in a cute Easter basket (50% off at Target). I will have to say that the baby will be stylin’ coming out of the womb.