A Bash for Baby Strebeck

Friday night, Kim and I attended Gretchen’s baby shower. Now, this isn’t my first baby shower (it’s my second), and I’m still in shock that someone I am close to from college is going to be molding and shaping this new life that is growing inside of her. Wow! That just blows me away. All I know is that I will be perpetuating the cycle of lame jokes in the Sherron family (Bob’s dad, Bob, Kuma, eventually Baby Sherron). Just that thought makes me think twice about carrying on the Sherron genes.

I do have to give Kim and me props for our baby gift because it WAS NOT some cute PINK outfit. We decided to go the baby registry route and purchase some essentials that Gretchen would need: Baby Einstein DVDs, bottles, grooming kit and M&Ms. And it was all wrapped up in a cute Easter basket (50% off at Target). I will have to say that the baby will be stylin’ coming out of the womb.

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