Arbonne, Anyone?

Tonight I went to an Arbonne party hosted by Jessica. Her sister, Stephanie, just got into it about a month ago and so we got to see what it was all about. Basically, it’s a Tupperware or PartyLite party but for skincare. It was a lot of fun. I got to meet some of the girls that Jess hangs out with and they are cool people, funny.

The big thing about Arbonne is that it’s all natural and no animal products/by-products. So, of course, I had to buy a couple of things, just to make my time worthwhile. Before I knew it, I spent about $100. Whoopsies! I’m hoping that this is going to do miraculous things to my skin. And for anyone who would like to, we are having another party on April 27th, this time it’s makeovers! I’m in. Let’s hope that I can control my spending the next time around.

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