Diversity is the key to Trivia DOMINATION!!!

The scene: A trivia night fundraiser for my former church’s youth group.

The players: Four hip, stylish twentysomethings and two geezers.

The mission: Kick serious ass at trivia, win the 50/50 raffle, retire to jubilant celebration featuring excessive amounts of drugs and alcohol and an interpretive dance troupe writhing and gyrating to express the majesty of our trivia dominance. Well, one out of three isn’t bad.

Tonight, Jen and I met with Kim Carpenter, Katie Ostrowski, and my parents at Flo Pres for the FPC Youth Fellowship Trivia Night. You know the drill: ten rounds of ten questions each, winning team gets their entry fee back, a good time had by all, etc. Usually, we put up a valiant fight, but are dominated by the difficult questions and some team of ringers that hop from trivia night to trivia night walk away with the money and the glory.

Tonight, however, was a different story. The diversity of age and interest within our team proved a potent combination, as we tied for first place with (of course) a table of ringers. Unfortunately, the ringers won the tiebreaker by scoring closer to their original estimate (we had underestimated our powers), so they did walk out with the money… BUT THE GLORY IS OURS!

No one can step to this trivia hotness. For reals.

Next time, we will not be so foolish as to guess far off of our score…

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3 thoughts on “Diversity is the key to Trivia DOMINATION!!!

  1. I can’t believe nobody answered you yet. A ringer is a person who’s skill level is high above the average of the other players. For example: If you got Albert Pujols to play on your office softball team, he would be a ringer.

    The team that beat us was composed of people who just go from trivia night to trivia night–pros, if you will–whereas all the other teams were just church members and their friends & family.

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