Heaven on Earth

So, I got this email at work today from Kim, stating that she wanted to go to Bailey’s Chocolate Bar. It seemed kind of out of the blue so I asked her if she had just now heard of this wonderful place and I couldn’t believe it that she just discovered it today online. Oh, it’s on! Of course we had to go now and so just like that we ended up there. Okay, I’m not a drinker because I lack this itty-bitty enzyme that helps digest the alcohol. But if I was, I would be all over their Signature Drink: an awesome alcoholic hot chocolate. I took a little sippy of Kim’s and was enough for me. Good thing I wasn’t driving. We also shared this lover’s plate for two and Kim fanagled some free chocolate ice cream because she had pointed out that we didn’t have the mousse. It’s a great atmosphere and I definitely recommend it to women worldwide!

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